NEW MUSIC ALERT! 'WET (Worth Everything)' - Lu City  

Sexy. Versatile. Star-power.  Just some of the words used to describe St. Lucia’s up and coming hitmakers Lu City. The duo have long been releasing a range of hit songs and doing collaborations with superstars like Machel Montano & grammy-nominated song-bird Shontelle to positive acclaim. “Lu City’s dynamic range and versatility is unmatched; pop one moment, afro-beats the next and now dancehall, it’s unique and reflects the diversity of the Caribbean.” said LMG Executive Producer Eliot H. Bailey. “They say you should give the people what they want but sometimes you have to show the people something new, something they won’t want to live without,” he continued. 

This dynamic duo has been consistently pumping out hit after hit over the past few years to an ever-growing fan base. In fact, it’s been 3 months since the release of “Starting Over”, an Afro-Caribbean collaboration with Nigerian superstar Reekado Banks and fans keep hounding the duo for more. This time around they’ve chosen to pump their versatility up a notch, fusing their signature smoothness with a raunchy dancehall groove that’s sure to tantalize. Their latest track entitled “WET (Worth Everything)” oozes sexuality from the very first note until the last. While it isn’t unusual for a dancehall song to focus on sex or feature explicit lyrics and sensual beats, this track feels different.  

What is unusual is that “WET (Worth Everything)” is being hailed by women as empowering; it’s a track that showcases their power, their mastery of their sexuality and that they are indeed ‘Worth Everything’. In fact, the video almost exclusively features women, a deliberate creative choice made by Director Sean Michael Field. “I wanted to shift the attention from the artistes and instead visually represent the impact that their music has on the ladies,” he said.  

“This video...just wait till you see this video,” Lu City singer Ryie said almost at a loss for words. To say that the music video has shock-value is an understatement but looking away is almost impossible to do. “We set the scene, turned on the music and asked the ladies to do whatever came naturally and the result is raw sexuality, it’s powerful,” continued the Iland Boy Films Director.  

Fans had been eagerly anticipating the release of Lu City’s WET (Worth Everything) flooding – pun intended - Instagram & Twitter feeds of @lucityofficial with splash emoji and pleas to “WET up the place”. This has been going on since April when they first teased fans by dropping a sexy clip of two ladies dancing to the yet unknown track on Instagram: 

Pre-release fanaticism even saw one Twitter user stating “Well, I’m gonna get pregnant, simple so”(@sillyrabbit_16) : 

“The love we’ve been feeling from fans is intense, like, I can’t believe they are so into our music, it’s crazy...We do it all for the fans like, we spent a long time in the studio perfecting WET and that video...bruh, I can’t wait!” said Jean Atem enthusiastically.  

Those grueling hours spent in the studio were doubly so for Lu City Producer Shaquille ‘Delete’ Wilson who is the master-mind behind the beat for “WET (Worth Everything)”, “Starting Over”, “Sa Ka Fete” and a slew of other unreleased Lu City productions.  

Lu City’s sexy new single “WET (Worth Everything)” is out now and is available on all major platforms. Continue to stay tuned to the groups website and instagram page for information on tour dates and new releases.

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