Lu City

Dynamic from birth and destined to make music - Lu City artists Jean Atem & Ryie boast a unique dancehall/R&B blend with a lot of pop appeal and a proper sexy Caribbean feel. Although they are inspired by international pop, rap, dancehall and R&B artists, Lu City’s Caribbean upbringing also has a major influence on their beats and lyrics. The result is an unexpected and upscale sound to come out of the tiny island of St. Lucia; with catchy beats, relatable lyrics and smooth melodies they possess an obvious potential for international listenership. 

Born and bred on the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Lucia, the 'Cari-Pop' duo grew up very differently, from opposite walks of life, each with their own extremely diverse cultural and Ethnic backgrounds. Music brought them together and they began their process of creation as an inseparable duo in 2012 – at which point they were but a mere 15/16 years old. 

Jean Atem (real name Jean Atem Farah) pronounced je t'aime, got his name from his Haitian father. Named after a French phrase which literally translates to ‘I love you’. This talented young man was writing poetry in primary school. Poetry which even ended up winning various local competitions at the time. 

Ryie (real name Tylor Ryie Auguste) was given the nickname ‘Rayvon’ by his grandmother as a child due to the fact that he began singing from the age of 6 years old, often performing at family gatherings and weddings. He became known at school as the young boy with the voice of an angel. 

Both boys have displayed throughout their lives a knack for music and an undeniable talent – together they are Lu City. These prolific young artists have been releasing what has been regarded by listeners as ‘hits with mainstream potential’ over the past five years. They have grown as artists, cultivating, experimenting and perfecting their captivating and unique sound. They have also recently been ramping up appearances and performances locally and regionally; opening for international artists such as Popcaan, Kalash, Machel Montano and French Montana. 

For the Lu City team, creation is an ongoing process and we remain focused in the studio with a grueling work ethic – building demos and laying the framework for tracks which showcase the interesting and diverse dynamic between these two young-stars.

..catchy and captivating, Lu City's mainstream presence is undeniable.”

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